Services We Provide

Therapeutic riding is a beneficial activity for any person and the riders at Equi Star, Inc. reach milestones with the help of their equine friends. The horse is an excellent teacher and friend for a person with special needs.

The horse can help autistic and other focus-disabled people follow directions and communicate. The relationship riders develop with their horse has a calming, endearing effect on both the individual and the horse.

Riders can benefit physically by building core strength, muscle tone, gross motor skills, and mental capacity. The rhythmic motion of the horse, along with their warmth, can decrease spasticity and tightness in muscles.

Through a variety of games and the natural gait of the horse, riders can experience an improvement in hand-eye coordination and balance. Speech can be improved through the simple physical activity, a need to communicate with their horse, and involvement with peers and volunteers. A boost in self-esteem often results from the confidence built through working with and riding a powerful animal like a horse.

Therapeutic riding programs can also assist emotionally challenged individuals build bridges of trust.