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Thank you for your interest in our program. Here, you'll find the registration forms you'll need to sign up, as well as other important information.

Please Note: Session payments MUST be mailed to Lisa Wilson (2) weeks prior to the start of classes. Mail check or money order to:

Lisa Wilson
818 West Center Street
Medina, NY 14103

Payments can also be made via our PayPal account.

Please Note: We will no longer be accepting any form of rider payments for sessions at the ranch. If payment is not received before beginning of the session in which the rider is enrolled, the rider will lose their spot for that session. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Welcome to Equi Star, Inc.

Download Forms

New riders must complete all of the following forms before they can ride:

  • Registration & Release Form
  • Medical History & Physician's Form (renewed annually)
  • Emergency Medical Treatment Form
  • Physical Therapy Form (as appropriate)
  • Rider's Schedule (list day & time preferences)

Returning riders only need to fill out the medical history and rider's schedule forms.

Christian being a ghost rider

Emergency Contact Form

Rider Release Form

Physical Therapy Form

2017 Medical History Form /Physician Realease

2017 Session Schedule Registration Form

Information on Seizure Disorders/Epilepsy

All paperwork MUST be received by Equi Star, Inc. two (2) weeks prior to beginning of classes. If the medical form is not received before the first day of classes, the rider will not be able to ride until Equi Star, Inc. receives a medical clearance.

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